The simplest things are the hardest to achieve..

Life is a journey as they say, a journey of lyrics and songs, battle and victory, pain and awakening, search and self-realization. But do we ever pause to think who is it for and if it is for us, in what form does this ‘Us’ exist? Perhaps as a mass of energy having a human experience. When I go into deep state of meditation-every cell, every breath sings this song- “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” This human experience is of struggle and stress and sometimes the stress becomes so much that it is hard to say if it is a human body of ”Pure Life Force” or ”A Ball of Stress” caught up in material offerings of the world.

The pure soul- Consciousness that we are is not contained within the boundaries of our anatomy… It is the anatomy, our human body that is enwrapped within the limitless of our consciousness. For most of us, our daily pursuits are of the offerings of this material world- job, money, car, more cars and more money and the cycle never ends. This story continues from tomorrow to day after tomorrow and even after that. I’ve often said to people that I wish that they could realize all their dreams and achieve all the fame they desire so that they can see that it’s not where they are going to find their sense of fulfillment. It is because once we enter into this cycle of material gain/ loss, the exit route is hard to find. The message isn’t of complete abandonment of material life but a reminder that material offerings are simply a “tool” to reach to the true state of being. It’s not the complete story. From my personal experience- the difference we make on other people’s lives- by way of a smile, or help or even being a good listener is the most valuable possession there is. All the material gains will pass away, they will fall apart and we never take them to our graves. All that will be left of us is what we carried in our hearts. So love life and love others. Sometimes even the simplest things are hard to achieve. Act now and stay blessed.