"Yoga is much more than Asanas and Poses. It is a unity of Mind, Body and Soul- a union between individual consciousness and universal consciousness"

We live Yoga everyday and every moment and it has decorated our lives with pure Bliss. We couldn't help share this secret with the rest of the world...... And this is why it was only natural to create Divine Yoga Shop. 

Everyone defines Yoga their own ways and as you know Yoga isn't a set of rules but a harmonious blend of things that make us happy and healthy. At the end we are all Seekers whether we are aware of this or not. What puts us all on the same plane is that we are all seekers of Happiness. Our true nature as Human being is "Love" and when this unites with the true nature of the Universe, one understands that everything is in harmony. A good place to start experiencing this harmony is by loving our own self. 


What drives us

At Divine Yoga Shop we are driven by a sense of service. We all deserve simply the best. With this in mind, all our products are divinely displayed as an honest, guilt-free treat to the mind, body and spirit. A fair pricing means that not only are the business interests satisfied but also the community interests are taken care of. Most of our products are manufactured by a humble group of workers in India, Indonesia and other Asian countries. They have been doing this for generations. Sourcing from them means that we are supporting them with regular employment and our love for all our product stamps a guarantee of quality that goes in each one of them.


What we love 

We love all our Customers!

They are our lives and it is extremely important that they are happy with their purchase. We endeavour to provide a personalized support with all ordering and returns. We request our Yogi Friends to shop mindfully. Be in awareness and let it guide you with your conscious shopping. We give each and every request a full consideration and we promise to be a good listener. 


Our extended family- Our Suppliers & Brand Partners

We love what we do and so it important that we see the same in our Partners &Suppliers. After all a family is collectively happy when one each of the family member is individually happy. We are always on the lookout for partners & suppliers who have strong business ethics and who love Yoga just as much as we do. This means that all our products get a fair share of positive energy already instilled in them. 


Let's hold hands. We would be privileged if you give us an opportunity to serve you on your Yoga journey. 

Divine Yoga Shop