Conditioning- The outer skin

The joy of ‘Being’ is always there. It is present in the ‘Now’ and is available for us to access whenever we are ready. There is no condition attached to it to arise. It is here, right now for us. There is no waiting, no long queue in order to gain access to it. It is here. Every day in our life, we are gaining more and more outside conditioning and losing our ‘Beingness’. While conditioning to some degree is required in order to live in a secured environment, too much involvement in the conditioning and being consumed in this whole process of socialization is what takes us away from ‘Beingness’. We forget ourselves, what they say ‘lost in translation’. This conditioning takes us away into the mad rush of future and makes us forget the ‘Now’.

Keeping aside the coat of Conditioning that we wear everyday and just taking a moment to be empty, formless, in naked ‘Beingness’ free from ego would bring that innocent smile back. The smile of an inner innocent child that we are; the child almost free from conditioning (at least in the initial stages of their lives). If some power has brought you to a point of ”questioning”, that same power will guide you to the point of answers. You are not stuck, you will have a way. In the ‘Being’, free from conditioning at least a couple of times a day, creates that miraculous power of attracting answers to your questions.