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We believe that switching to a healthier and more natural lifestyle is the best decision one can take. No one loves synthetic, artificial products and surely your skin doesn't. If you have decided to make the switch to a healthier and more natural lifestyle, you have become very aware of the poor side effects that additives and chemicals can have on the body. We are absolutely in love with handmade soaps that are an excellent alternative to many of the other cleansers available as they do not over-dry the skin. In our range of natural skincare we also have botanical facepacks that can help replenish the skin and give it a healthy glow. This is the closest you can get to nature. Worth a treat everyday!

Our Nature-Inspired Jewellery range is sure to wow your senses. This beautiful range will give you every reason to flaunt your purchase. The unique jewelleries are handmade with seeds and rice kernels which are selected in an environmentally conscious manner. Only those seeds that are abundantly available are used in jewellery making. Buying these beautiful natural jewelries also means that you are contributing to women empowerment as most artisans are from marginalized society in South India and hand making these lovely jewelries are the only source of their livelihood.


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