Stepping into the unknown….
Author: Khushboo Singh, Founder/ Director, Divine Yoga Shop


Listening to the hummingbird is most melodious. What about the voice inside us? The voice of our inner innocent hummingbird- the soft voice from our heart. Life as it comes surprises us with many wrapped up gifts- pleasant offerings and not-so pleasant offerings. Some offerings are unpleasant to a degree that forces us to take steps to change. These could be changes in lifestyle, location, job, people, anything. But ”Change” as we know is always difficult. Or is it simply the idea that ”change is difficult”. Perhaps we have forgotten how we got into this world- how we popped out of our mother’s womb into the new environment- a change from our ”known” and ”comfortable” environment. Who taught us to accept this change? How did we learn to move from one situation– being safe inside our mother’s womb to stepping out into the unknown world? It should be correct to say that stepping into the unknown is the first known thing for us as Humans.

Life takes care of itself. It has always taken care of itself. The only fear we have is for the future and not for the ”Now”. When everything is lost, what remains? Let’s take a pause and look for the answer to this. What remains when everything is lost- job, money, family, everything…. Are you still breathing? Are you still ”alive”? Are you still conscious of your environment? So when everything is lost, what remains? The answer is- Your breath, your life, the feeling that you are still alive. Isn’t that the most amazing possession?

The freedom, the truth that we talk about, that we wander to find is all inside us and nowhere else. The only thing that stops us from experiencing complete freedom, the ever-present truth is our own minds. The barriers that we see are created by no one else but us. The limitations of the mind stops us from fully experiencing life. Stepping into the unknown is our very nature. We were born, we came into this world by stepping into the unknown. It is not to say that everything will be at its best when you accept change….. But trust that inactivity wouldn’t make life any better. The only place where nothing happens is the Grave. Where there is uncertainty, there is freedom and where there is certainty, there is boredom. So keep your chin up, embrace the change and know that life will take care of itself. Whatever is needed arises spontaneously to meet whatever the needs of the moment are.  Listen to the hummingbird inside you and know that life will be melodious. Somehow that hummingbird knows what is right for you.