Organic Skincare - Meet the founders and know their secret to natural beauty

Paavani Ayurveda- Organic Skincare inspired by the founders' personal stories- Meet Trudy & Leah and know their secrets to organic skincare ritual  

Founders of Paavani Ayurveda

PAAVANI Ayurveda is an artisan, organic health and skincare product line, established by Ayurvedic practitioners and friends, Leah Klatt & Trudy Collings. Named after the Sanskrit term for Purity, PAAVANI takes pride in offering the ancient traditions of Ayurveda to the modern world, through providing products that are comprised entirely of ingredients from the earth. Selecting quality ingredients to craft their line is necessary to uphold Ayurvedic traditions & to offer products that are nutrient rich; containing the highest amount of healing constituents. All ingredients are selected from premium sources, holding high standards for sustainable & ethical practices; encouraging the philosophy of ahimsa or nonviolence. PAAVANI believes that by offering respect & gratitude to the plants & minerals that make up their products, one can receive even deeper benefits from their innate wisdom.

 Paavani Ayurveda

PAAVANI resides in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's in an old gold mining community called, Nevada City. This quaint northern California town is filled with historic sights, majestic nature and alternative healing modalities; along with progressive, creative and community orientated people - all which influence the ethos of the company. Nevada City is also home to the California College of Ayurveda, a premier U.S. Ayurvedic educational center where PAAVANI founders, Leah and Trudy, both began their Ayurvedic education in the Autumn of 2011. Upon meeting at the college, the women quickly discovered their shared love for the band, Phish, and knew that they had more in common than their passion for Ayurveda. As Trudy and Leah progressed through the CCA and fell deeper and deeper down the Ayurvedic rabbit hole, they bonded as they embarked on their new life paths. Seeing the world from an Ayurvedic perspective was incredible, but taking on the new role of living an Ayurvedic lifestyle wasn’t always easy. It was not possible to simply learn about Ayurveda, it was necessary to live, eat and experience Ayurveda from a first hand perspective, and they deeply valued having one another to relate to as they integrated all that they were learning. Trudy and Leah discovered more common ground between the two of them when they enrolled in the Ayurvedic herbalism apprenticeship. It was in this program that the women unearthed their passion for the endless healing capabilities and intuitive Wisdom of herbs and Organic Skincare. At home, they both began to formulate their own herbal remedies and unbeknownst to the women, the seed of PAAVANI Ayurveda was sown.

Paavani Founders- Trudy and Leah Leah and Trudy walked different paths to arrive at the doors of Ayurveda. In 2010, Leah first learned of Ayurveda from a close friend who was studying at a small Ayurvedic school in Arcata, CA. Leah was immediately drawn to the Ayurvedic perspective and its premise that all beings are made up of their own unique blend of the elements. She was intrigued by how the elements present themselves in all characteristic of a person, from their physical features, to their digestion to their mental and emotional tendencies. Leah resonated with the principles of the doshas, as she gained an entirely new understanding of herself. She was living in Grass Valley at the time and everything aligned when she discovered that the California College of Ayurveda was located in her local community. Leah knew that she needed to gain a deeper understanding of the Ayurvedic philosophy so that she could begin to heal herself from years of imbalance and raise her future family with this outlook on life.

Trudy’s path was inspired at an early age by her father’s work in India in the 1960s. Her father lived in Lahore for most of his twenties, creating irrigation canals, and this began a lifelong love affair between him and this vibrant country. Trudy grew up with tales of India from her father and her parents introduced her to Indian cuisine at a young age. Trudy was enamored by the exotic spices and colors of the food and knew she wanted to learn more about Indian culture. In Trudy’s young adulthood, yoga became an integral part of her life. Her yoga practice combined with her upbringing, education and interest in traditional medicine is what brought her to the California College of Ayurveda.

Together Trudy and Leah hope to spread the wisdom of Organic Skincare and Ayurveda and encourage the daily ritual of self-care through PAAVANI. They believe that by creating space to honor and love the mind, body and skin, one will cultivate optimal wellbeing. PAAVANI products are intended to reconnect people to becoming a part of their own self-care process. From empowering people to have the option to create their ideal organic skincare line, to connecting product users to the plants & minerals in which they are made from. The duo also aims to encourage others to make space and dedicate days for necessary ritual of self-care.





Paavani Ayurveda Skincare

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