My Top 5 Mindfulness Tips To Calm Your Mind
Author: Khushboo Singh, Founder/ Director, Divine Yoga Shop

Mindfulness isn’t a new thing. It has origins in the contemplative traditions of Asia, especially Hinduism and Buddhism. The practice has always been with us and is more readily available to us when we practice the techniques on a daily basis. Practicing mindfulness helps to train your brain to be more aware and alert. It helps to stay in the present moment right where “Life” exists. Mindfulness helps to re-model the physical structure of your brain.


My Top 5 Quick Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness tips


1. Morning Journal Routine

Morning Journals are a quick "few words" plan, stream of conscious writing, done first thing in the morning. There is no right or wrong way to do this – Keeping a Morning Journal isn’t a high art. They are not even real “writing.” They are just about anything and everything that crosses your mind. The practice of creating a Morning Journal provokes, clarifies, comforts and prioritizes the long day that feels short and most importantly fun to begin.

Mindfulness writing


2. Feed Your Plants

The presence of house plants have been found to lower blood pressure, increase focus and bring in a feeling of calmness. This has been scientifically proven in several studies.  The power of Plants help to keep us firm and grounded when our minds are soaring high in an irrational fashion.

Mindfulness tips

Take a 10 minutes break to water your plants and observe how they smile when you sprinkle water on them. The energy of the plants and its greenness will fill your Mind, Body and Soul with calming sensations.


3. Take a Music Break

Music therapy is an extremely powerful Mindfulness technique that is known to reduce stress, raise IQ, and offer many other health benefits. It elevates the mood and releases happy hormones. Taking a quick 20 minutes break and listening to our favorite music can help us resume our work in a more focused, positive, and productive frame of mind.

Mindfulness meditation


4. Take a Mindful Laughter Break

Life in general is stressful and serious. It is worth taking things less seriously by laughing more and worrying less even if there is no reason to show those beautiful white pearls. Mindfulness doesn’t always require focused attention and a disciplined mind. The best kind of present moment awareness is the kind that occurs spontaneously—with a belly laugh attached.

Mindfulness laughter

Take a quick 10 minutes laughter break during your day. Transport yourself to an imaginary peaceful place- a beach or in the sun. Imagine being with your best pal and sharing a funny joke with a belly laugh. Another quick way is to crack a joke with your colleagues and give them and yourself a quick break from the stressful everyday chores. Work never ends but life does. So Laugh more and Worry Less!


5. The Body Scan

The most famous of all Mindfulness techniques is the typical Body Scan that runs slowly through each part of the body. Meditation accessories could be useful in this practice. Take a quick 20 minutes break and start paying attention to the way each area of the body feels. Start your body from Toes of both Feet to the rest of the Feet (top, bottom, ankle) then to the Lower legs, Knees, Thighs and Pelvic region- Buttocks, Tailbone, Pelvic Bone and Genitals.

Mindfulness bodyscan

Now from here try moving your awareness to the Abdomen, then to the Chest, Lower Back, Upper Back- Back Ribs and Shoulder Blades, Hands (Fingers, Palms, Wrists), Arms, Neck, Face and Head (Jaw, Mouth, Nose, Cheeks, Ears, Eyes, Forehead, Scalp) and finally ending with a quick whole body scan.

How do you feel? The common answer that most people give is “I feel I am alive”

Mindfulness awareness

Scientific studies have shown that Mindfulness not only prevents Depression but also positively affects the brain patterns associated with day-to-day anxieties, stress and irritability so that when they arise, they dissolve away again more easily.