Not all Yoga Mats are the same- Choose yours wisely

Author: Madeleine Grainger

Fifteen years ago, we did not have the luxury of choosing the right yoga mat as we only had the choice between the blue PVC yoga mat or the purple PVC yoga mat. However, now there is an abundance of yoga mats to choose from, with a yoga mat tailored to suit you and your every preference. The only struggle now is choosing the right one for you in this sea of yoga mats.

Our Yoga mats have been the choice of many leading yoga institutes, schools, and clubs. However, there are many things to consider when choosing the right yoga mat for you; the thickness, colour, design, material, stickiness, comfort, eco-friendliness, and so on. All of which are determining factors in choosing the right yoga mat to suit your personal practice, lifestyle, values, and budget.

Yoga Mat buying guide

Luckily for you, we have made the job easier by creating this buying guide to choosing the right yoga mat for you. So, put your mind at ease, keep the faith, and let’s get started.

The best yoga mat for Ashtanga yoga, hot yoga, or power yoga lovers

Our Indian Yoga Mats are made of 100% Indian Cotton and are custom made for yoga practice the traditional Indian way. They can be used for Asanas (Exercises), meditation or simply for decoration. They retain their shape as they are made from handcrafted densely woven cotton. These mats are good in absorbing sweat and are therefore are recommended for Ashtanga, hot or power Yogi’s. They also come with a matching cotton bag. Another bonus is that our Indian Yoga Mats are good for the environment as they are composed of 100% Indian cotton and jute fibre coated with natural rubber. So, if you are a yogi who sweats a lot, wants to help the environment and are on a low budget, our Indian Yoga Mat is for you, coming in on the cheaper side of the yoga mat spectrum for £20.

An alternative is our Power Yoga Mat. At an affordable price of £34.99, this mat has a slip resistant surface and is designed for longtivity. The mat is designed for performance and intensive practice and therefore is good for all types of yoga but especially popular for Power, Ashtanga and hot yoga, as the non-sticky grip keeps you grounded. The Power Yoga Mat is made of PVC, a yoga mat material that has been tried and tested to lasts for years and therefore is the most durable to yoga abuse. For those who find themselves doubling up their yoga mats for extra thickness, there will be no need if you have the Power Yoga Mat. It is softer and denser than regular hatha yoga mats which is perfect for those who need extra thickness to support their knees during Marjchyasana (cat), or if you struggle to find comfort in Shavasana (laying down). If you do not mind it being a bit more on the heavier side for the sake of comfort, then this yoga mat is right for you. The raised bump texture and sponginess provides a soft feel, bringing you comfort and relief throughout your practice.

The right yoga mat for a yogi on the move

The trouble with good yoga mats is that they can be heavy and tiresome to transport. If you are a keen traveller or want to practice yoga on the move, then the Premium Sticky Yoga Mat by Yoga and Yogini is right for you. If like a lot of travellers, you are eager to save your pennies, this mat is cost-effective at £25. Not only does it provide excellent grip on surfaces, it is supple and lightweight, making it easily portable and ideal for a travelling yogi. In addition, it is water-proof and warmth isolating on a cold surface, so adaptable to any climates you come across on your travels. It is available in a wide range of colours to suit you.

It also comes in an eco-friendly alternative, find the description below for the Supple and Lightweight 100% TPE Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat buying guide

The benefits of the eco-friendly yoga mat

As yogis, we practice the tenet of ahimsa in that we respect all living things and believe in non-violence. Therefore, the standard PVC yoga mats can prove troublesome to some as they are difficult to recycle and thus, harmful to the environment. As a company, we are committed to supporting the environment and welfare of others and want to do our bit to contribute to the sustainability of our planet. Taking this into consideration, we offer a range of eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional PVC mat. If eco-friendly mats are important to you then look no further. You can choose from the Indian Cotton Yoga Mat that are composed of 100% Indian cotton, 100% TPE Yoga Mat which is made from a rubber-like material providing a flexible and recyclable material, Eco Yoga Mats made of jute, to the more stylish Eco-friendly yoga mat by Melt Yoga that come in an array of colours and stunning designs. If like us, the eco yoga mat is something you value, then follow our guide to choose what eco yoga mat is right for you.

Eco-friendly Yoga MatTo choose the right yoga mat for you is really determined by your personal preference, but here are some eco-friendlier alternatives to consider: 

Our range of eco-friendly yoga mats:

 The Eco Yoga Mats are made of jute and are available in violent in pink. For £38.50, this yoga mat provides a unique look and feel and is created by meshing jute fibres to provide an excellent grip on the surface by the jute layer on top, giving the mat a natural appearance and pleasant feeling on top. They are waterproof and heat insulating on a cold surface so perfect for all times of the year. If the texture is important to you, these yoga mats provide a unique feel through the meshing jute fibres and raised bumps, designed to be slip-resistant and shock absorbing. While this yoga mat is not ideal for power yoga or hot yoga, it is suitable for people with latex allergies.

The Supple and Lightweight 100% TPE Yoga Mat is the eco-friendly alternative of the Premium Sticky Yoga Mat. At the slightly higher price of £30, this yoga mat promises all the same qualities of the PVC mat; easily portable and slip resistant, but with an eco-conscious. These mats are patented 100% TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) manufactured by the original manufacturer in Taiwan. In comparison to the Premium Sticky Yoga Mat, this mat is especially good for Power Yoga or Hot Yoga, which is something that you can take into consideration when choosing the right yoga mat for you and the planet.

The Indian Yoga Mats discussed above are also an eco-friendly option, composed of 100% Indian cotton and composed of jute fibre coated with natural rubber.

Be Eco-friendly in Style:

Now if you are a yogi with style, for example, you always turn up to your practice in the latest Lululemon and Sweaty Betty gear, but also have a conscious and want to do your bit to help the environment, then our Eco-friendly yoga mat by Melt Yoga is right for you. The mat is made from microfibre suede and natural tree rubber. This is my personal favourite yoga mat, while it is on the higher budget side of £60, it is most definitely worth it. I mean, I get to look stylish and cool, while helping the environment all at the same time. It also comes in an array of spectacular designs exclusively created by the Melt Yoga Team. My favourite style is The Enchanted Lotus, the design seems to dazzle everyone in my class and I have received numerous compliments on it. It also has an anti-slip feature, so if like me, you tend to slip and slide, this mat is for you. There will be no mishaps while balancing in Vriksasana (tree pose), so you can mask your clumsiness and maintain your stylish look. This mat is machine washable and easy to clean which is convenient as the mat is especially good for the types of yoga that get you sweaty (all of them). So, get your sweat on in style!

If allergic to latex, please avoid yoga mats with natural rubber.

I hope this buying guide for yoga mats has developed your awareness of the things to consider when choosing the right yoga mat for you. Who knew that there were so many factors to contemplate when choosing a yoga mat? Now that you know what is the right yoga mat for you, I have confidence that this this yoga mat will enhance your yoga practice and bring you the utmost joy and comfort.

Yoga mat buying options

Live long, live healthy & live happy!