Nature- The Great Healer


oriental girl nature 

People often turn to Nature for comfort, to get away from their busy life and the dean and bustle of the crowded and chaotic city life. It may seem a way of modern pastime, but in ancient time, there were no cities and people always lived and built their shelter near to nature. A simple question just pops out in mind, what was their average age back then? Maybe over 100? Certainly over 100, but what about now? It’s merely 60. Have we ever wondered, in this zenith of science and technology, why the living rate is decreasing? It’s as simple as daylight, our mind and body are starting to reject this separation from nature. In order to lead a healthy, happy, peaceful life, we all must, once in a while, turn to nature. Maybe take couple of days off from work, take the family, live in tents, breathe fresh air, have fresh fruits and some outdoor activities.
But what do we really understand from “Turning to nature?”

In ancient times, people used to live in tents, huts, made out of bamboo, Woodstock, leaves etc. They used to wear clothes made out of leaves and animal skin, they used to ear fresh fruits, meat, vegetables etc. Moreover, things were really simple back then. There was no cellphone, no wifi, no refrigerator, no industry, no chemicals etc. One might think life back then was really boring. But in reality, life back then was what people now-a-days crave for. The simple huts that they lived in, were really comfortable, took less effort to build and was not a threat to health. And now these modern skyscrapers, one might earthquake, and the solid infrastructure will just collapse in seconds. The cloths that we wear, synthetics and all, not good for our skin. The air condition, refrigerators are producing tons of anti-ozone substances, which are destroying the ozone layers and thus gradually increasing the temperature of the earth, resulting an imminent destruction. The food that we eat isn’t all organic in nature and are grown using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides not good for our health. We are not eating farm fresh stuff, we are refrigerating, restoring, and they aren’t as good as fresh food.

Another thing is, modern day medicine. It can be said that we are living in a golden era, where medicine has branched out and reached a whole new level. Now there is a remedy for almost every diseases. But still, we are dependent on medicines, and our bodies are getting prone to new and new diseases. From catching a cold to hepatitis, we are resorting to antibiotics. It’s giving us an instant relief, but the long-term effects are debilitating. Whereas, the ancient people didn’t have any of these antibiotics, they only relied on herbs and all they could find in nature, leaves, saps, berries etc. But the interesting fact is, they knew the remedy or cure for almost every diseases back then. And all they had to do us collect these ingredients from the nature. So you see, if you dig in and know your surroundings, you do not need to spend a lot and depend on artificial live saving appliances, whereas the natural medicines are giving you perfect cure and also extending your life cycle.

 woman walking in the forest


Another thing is the use of skin care products and make up ingredients, cosmetics. No doubt women will use more and more of these products. Who doesn’t want to look fabulous on special occasions. But in the long run, these products are destroying the natural aura of the skin. Very soon the skin will start to lose the natural glow and wrinkles will start to appear. That is why, it is advised to use natural ingredients to make face packs, face masks etc. Eat healthy food, lots of fruits and vegetables, reduce eating red meat, lots of milk and proper exercise, not only the face, the whole body will start to glow. Your skin will automatically start to reject pimples, dark spots, wrinkles etc.

It’s high time to turn to nature, if we want to live long. Spend some time in the wild, wake up early and see the sunrise, do a little bit of yoga, slight exercise, meditation in a quiet place, if possible in a garden or park, walking on the beach, slight swimming. These are all the factors, which will help you provide the ultimate serum for rejuvenation. Live long, live healthy, and live happy!