A celebration of Silence


Author: Khushboo Singh, Founder/ Director, Divine Yoga Shop


Life is nothing but one big celebration. Everyday we can be grateful for at least 1 thing. Be it for the light, for the sunshine, for the air, for the birds chirping, for the house we live in, for the food we eat, for the work that gives us our bread and butter. Gratitude is a celebration and what is life if it isn’t Gratitude? Even when there is no gratitude, there is still a celebration- a celebration for the least that is we are still breathing- Isn’t that what gives us our essence of being humans? Living a spiritual life is also of the human mind and body because for the Soul there is no Spiritual or Materialistic life- there is simple “Oneness” – Absence of Duality- The Soul has a Purity of Non judgement, Non distinction- There is just Pure existence.

For a moment just “try” to empathize with the one who is almost counting his last breath. Just try and enter his state of mind- body existence and feel him taking his last breath knowing that soon this breath will no longer be present. Simply “try” this…….. After a minute or 2 you will realize how lucky you are to be “alive”, to be living in this “mind, body” phenomenon. Isn’t that gives us one reason to be grateful for? Here we are not talking about being grateful to “someone”, to some God, to some “Guru”, to some “Master”- we are simply talking of the noun “Gratitude”. Now with that we are left with at least one reason to celebrate life.

Maya is everywhere. You look around and there is Maya (Illusion). The whole life is Maya. At the end there is simply nothing to be so worried about; nothing to be so stressful about. The forces that look after the sun, the stars, the birds will also look after you. The goals in life, the aspirations, the competition, the fight for power, for status- these are all just a play of Maya. Take a moment in silence, in complete silence and bring your awareness to your breath- JUST SIMPLY BE MINDFUL OF YOUR BREATHING. Do this for a minute or two and you will start enjoying the Silence. Isn’t this celebration?

Silence has a sound- a sound of “nothingness” and in this silent state your rushing mind loses its control and your “Pure Beingness” starts to rejoice; to celebrate. Celebration is our true state. To rejoice is our true state, to be merry is our true state. If it isn’t celebration, it isn’t our true state. Remember yourself as a little child; it may probably be almost impossible to bring our memories to that state. But what we are trying to say is that the little baby does not know anything apart from being merry, being playful, being happy. The baby knows nothing about the worldly stress, the worldly means. He doesn’t even know the concept of “means to an end” because for him there is no end. There is no “Means”. There is just pure joy, a celebration. A toddler is simply ecstatic sucking his thumb, smiling at the world and enjoying his beingness. This silence has a celebration for him.

Joyful baby
 We all have the same Silence within us.  The Silence that can keeps us away from  Maya, from Illusion and may give us a  reason to celebrate every moment. There is  no “Means to an End” and it is because  there is no End; all there is to life is  Eternity. Enjoy the sound of silence. Listen  to this “Nothingness” and rejoice in the  fact that your pure “beingness” is a  storehouse of Joy, a reason to celebrate.

“That little child in you is still alive. Don’t put him behind the prison of the worldly affairs”