Charity is everyone's cup of tea...

charity- woman bows down to the buddhist monks

Human life is full of emotions. We feel pain, hunger, anger, grief, joy etc. These are motivators which determine the actions of a person towards his own self and towards the society. People do a lot of things and all of which are not for his own wellbeing. Some of the acts are done for charity. 
The word CHARITY means Generosity or Helpfulness. So obviously, charity work means doing something selflessly, solely for the benefit of others, or the society. Charity work is a byproduct of the inner emotions, more specifically, the good emotions of human nature. Not everybody can do charity work. To be frank, not everybody wants to do charity work. The question is, why? Is it a hard task? Is it only done by the elite of the society?

The answer to all these question is- No. It is not a hard task, nor above normal people and certainly not done by the elite of the society only. Charity work can be any small work, small donations, help, support etc. Maybe you are in a neighborhood where you find a family in less fortunate conditions, you can offer financial or moral help. Maybe offering them some money as loan, or maybe donate some things that you don't need anymore. A lot of people live from hand to mouth. They do not have a steady source of income. You can always arrange some meal or clothing for them. Maybe the extra food of a house warming party, you can easily donate, rather than wasting them. You can gather some people of similar sharing and caring mentality and together you can do something for the underprivileged, needy and homeless people. You can guide them or even manage a job for them according to their qualification. These small things are the sweet gestures which represents the good characteristics of human nature. You don’t need to be a millionaire to bring smiles to peoples' face. But you have to have a pure heart. The moral objective should only be to help the people in need, not for publicity or anything.

Frequent charity works have another significant benefit. It reduces the petty crimes of the society, like stealing, robbing etc. If you help the less fortunate people around you, maybe they will not turn up to be bad after all. So in a way, you are saving yourself as well as your surrounding from potential crime. Thanks to you, a lot of souls can be saved from the sins.

Though it mainly takes the will and spirit to help people, sometimes it is hard to help someone, or a number of people by oneself. So in that case, groups, communities are formed. These communities consists of concerned citizens who constantly work to develop the condition of less fortunate people. The communities collect fund and with that, they provide shelter, food etc. It is also a source of rehabilitation. Sometimes people suffer catastrophe, like natural calamities etc. So these communities come forward and help them to re-establish their lives once again.

It is a debate though, that charity is actually everybody’s cup of tea or not. It actually is possible for everyone to join hands in acts of kindness because all it takes is a strong will to help others. If all of us choose to be helpful, then charity becomes a natural way of living.