How travelling enhances health and wellbeing..

travelling yogi

From the diary of a travelling Yogi:

It is often said that travelling is a natural healer. In my case it was particularly true. The present era is a tiresome, challenging battle zone. Here you need to think one extra move, go one extra mile, in every step of your life to survive or make a mark in the society. After a typical corporate lifestyle with a 9 to 5 job and a natural attitude of “living for the weekend” and “living on the weekend” I needed a break. My mind had stop taking new information, my body was tired and I was a living zombie.

Scientists have come up with a theory that human brain is same as a machine, or to be precise, a computer. A machine or computer is programmed to work continuously and expected to deliver the desired result. But in reality, are we getting its 100% efficiency? Human brain and body are the same, in spite of full potential the one thing which holds us back to achieve ultimate success, is fatigue. Yes, Our human brain is capable to overcome every possible obstacle, but this continuous push, sometimes causes a fatigue, loss to brain, as well as body. Everything seems dull and gloomy. Finding joy in a new discovery or achieving a milestone becomes unimaginable. Our bodies need rest and relaxation. A time apart from all the dean and bustle, noise and crowd. And that is why, in modern days, travelling is a popular hobby.

I took a 5 days holiday, packed my bag, made no travel plans and set out to discover the sunny side of France. While I reserve to write about my traveling adventure in the next blog, I would say how this simple unplanned trip proved a great healer. A lot of young achievers want to see the world from their point of view and do not want to lead a set, monotonous life. I have always been one of them. I want to travel the world as much as I want to enjoy my work. Experiencing new things, meeting new people, learning about new culture and custom etc becomes an elixir for the Mind and Body. My own trip to France helped me to learn a lot about France, which otherwise I wouldn’t have known from books or stories. Human minds always have a tendency to go beyond, find something hidden or explore new grounds. So travelling to new destinations is also considered a new achievement or a new set of milestones.

I in fact, use this as a gateway from modern life. Some people prefer a nice and quiet vacation, maybe in a cabin in woods or near a lake and some like to take this opportunity to test their ultimate potential of whether they can survive against the odds of nature or not. A lot of people prefer rock climbing, Paragliding, Scuba Diving or Surfing.

What travelling does, it creates a wall around the brain, a wall against the stress and pains. When I look back I see that a spontaneous, unplanned trip helps me in distressing to the extent that I actually felt like I must resume work. Stress reduces the efficiency of human productivity and creativity. Travelling creates a gateway for a short span of time where the brain as well as every part of the body can rejuvenate and gain the lost pace. It is just like a computer. When the system hangs for a while, all we need is a reboot, to get to working again. And new achievements are always worth cherishing by taking a break away, to cut off from the mundane and relish what we have achieved so far.

For me travelling is an ultimate healer for Mind Body and Soul. It is like a Youth Serum that energizes your mind and body and makes your soul happy. Even the greatest of warriors need rest & rejuvenation. So travel more, think clear, live long!