Yoga helps solve life's toughest problems

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What is the real meaning of Yoga? Is it a set of body stretching exercises, an ancient art, a quick fix for stress relief or a an ancient body of spiritual knowledge? The correct answer is, it is a mixture of all the above. Yoga is a lifestyle. It is much more than a typical workout session. One who studies Yoga in details, knows the ins and outs, all the secrets, its uses and its significance. life.

There are 4 types of Yoga- Karma, Bhakti, Jnana and Raja Yoga. The Asanas in Yoga offers some calculated, or to state clearly, tested physical moves and positions. These positions have been created, tested and implemented by yogis from centuries. Yoga is discovered in different phases of time and in different regions, so it was known by a lot of names. But the purpose or goal is the same. These moves or positions create space for the body to come to a “zero” point. A zero point is the co-existence of mind, body and soul together as one unit in a peaceful, spiritual space. The body loosens itself and the mind takes a reboot. It helps to increase stamina, confidence, strain, durability etc. The physical moves and steps is like a controlled or planned workout. It ensures weight loss, reduce risk of heart attack, reduce any abdominal, neurological issues, and improves cellular and muscular condition of body. Helps to increase the efficiency of the digestion and blood circulation system. In a way, yoga provides a complete and healthy routine, which helps to increase your lifespan.

Yoga’s ability to shape a healthy body is only 30% of its power. It offers greater benefits on the mental wellness. We all know that a healthy body can multitask, complete daily chores on time and achieve milestones regularly. If one does his works sincerely, of course he is to get the benefits of it. Completing the simplest tasks in a regular basis gives tremendous boost to an individual’s morale, which helps him to overcome any difficulty, both mental and physical. A mentally stress-free man can run the extra mile, which is necessary if one wants to survive and stay strong in this highly competitive world.

Yoga, as described, offers a complete package of physical and mental supplements for wellbeing. Physical and Mental fitness ensures that the difficulties of life can be handled with ease. Yoga teaches how to step up and find a solution to our problems in the quickest possible time and in an effective way. Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual: Yoga helps to find answers to the life’s toughest problems. A person devoted to Yoga will use his patience, calmness, strain to overcome the situation and the result is tested to be 80% more effective than any normal man would approach to the same problem. So if you are not a Yoga person, grab those Yoga Tights, sit on that comfortable Yoga Mat and start walking on the divine path of Yoga. Start embracing the light in life. Besides, a set of rules or routine is never bad, is it? So live long, live healthy and live happy. Embrace the art of Yoga and say goodbye to your worries.

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