Tree Natural Rubber Yoga Mat 4mm

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The Yoga-Mad Tree Rubber Yoga Mat is made from dry natural rubber from the Havea Brasiliensis tree on a 100% cotton mesh. Natural rubber and cotton are degradable and sustainable, making this one of our most environmentally friendly yoga mats. As well as being an eco-friendly yoga mat, the tree mat provides excellent grip and good shock absorption, as well as abrasion resistance makes this one of our best mats available.

Two-toned style mat; different colour on each side. Warning - this mat is made from natural rubber which has the same origin as latex and though very different in properties, if you have a latex allergy it would be wise to choose a different mat.



  • Dimensions - 183cm x 60cm x 4mm
  • Weight - 2kg
  • Material - Natural rubber on 100% cotton mesh. Tested by SGS to: REACH, ROHS & EN71.
  • Free from - PVC, Phthalate, PAH, Nitrosamines, Heavy Metals, IDDP and DDP. Latex Protein to EN455-3
  • Care instructions - The Tree Yoga Mat can be wiped clean or occasionally it can be machine washed at 30oC, using a small amount of soap. DO NOT put your mat through a spin cycle or spin dry as this may damage the mat. Dry flat or roll up in a towel to speed drying time.
  • Warning Approximately 1% of the population have some form of sensitisation or allergy to latex. This mat is made from latex and we do not recommend using this product if you are allergic to latex.

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