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Rudra Meditation Bracelet

Vendor: Maha Mala


Rudra is another name for Shiva, known as the lord of storms and wind- a terrifying God. Rudra is the wild aspect of Shiva. This Rudra mala can be worn by both men and women. The moonstone, quartz and tiger eye crystals reflect the wild yet calm nature of Shiva as Rudra. This is a great mala to wear as a tool to embody the fierce trait of Shiva as Rudra. This bracelet has been made with the crystals that resonate on the frequency of devotion, passion and love. This bracelet can be worn as yoga jewellery and/or as healing jewellery. Each crystal bead in this bracelet has metaphysical therapeutic qualities that benefit the wearer.


Benefits of crystals:

  • Tiger Eye: Wealth, Luck and Will-power; Works with the Root (1st) and Solar Plexus (3rd) chakras.
  • Labradorite: Intuition and Perseverance; works with the Third Eye (6th) chakra.
  • Turquoise: Protection and Communication; works with the Throat (5th) chakra.
  • Smoky Quartz: Eases Anxiety and Grounds; works with the Root (1st) chakra.
  • Quartz: Healing, Harmony and Consciousness; works with all chakras.
  • Rudraksha: Traditional seed used in malas, known to calm tension and give clarity to voice.

More Info:

  • The bracelet was hand strung on quality elastic by us in New Delhi, India and finished with our signature Ahimsa (cruelty free) silk tassel.
  • This bracelet also comes in a Khadi (organic cotton) pouch which is block printed with vegetable dyes and sewn by our friends SEW NEW FUTURES, a NGO that provides skills trainings to underprivileged young women in New Delhi.

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