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Purely Feminine Meditation Bracelet

Vendor: Maha Mala


This bracelet brings to the wearer a great sense of balance and helps in decreasing emotional anxiety. It has a calm and peaceful vibe, which centers one and helps in getting inner perspective.Each crystal bead in this bracelet has metaphysical therapeutic qualities that benefit the wearer.


Benefits of crystals:

  • This Purely Feminine bracelet has been made with strong crystals that send you strong vibrations of the pure and calming moon.
  • White Pearl: Femininity, Serenity & Balance 6thCh
  • Labradorite: Intuition & Perseverance 6thCh

More Info:

  • The bracelet was hand strung by us in New Delhi, India and finished with our signature Ahimsa (cruelty free) silk tassel.
  • This bracelet also comes in a Khadi (organic cotton) pouch which is block printed with vegetable dyes and sewn by our friends SEW NEW FUTURES, a NGO that provides skills trainings to underprivileged young women in New Delhi.

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