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Premium Lavender bag - Authentic dried Lavender flowers × 1 Bag of 18 grams

Vendor: Plantes & Parfums


High quality and highly fragrant dried Lavender flowers 18 grams in a beautiful Provencal bag. These are premium quality, best deep blue dried Lavender flowers as Lavender Sachet. Very versatile- its uses range from helping you calm down and get a good night’s sleep to managing pain, anxiety, menstrual cramps and more. Ideal as a gift, home fragrance, drawer sachet and for making Potpourri. These lovely Lavender pouches are handmade in Provence France by local farmers.

Place these Lavender bags under your pillow, in your handbag, luggage or wardrobe for a fresh aroma that comes with many health benefits. Just squeeze the bags to release the essential Lavender Oil and drift away in the calmness.


Quick Info:

  • Versatile Product- Great fragrance for lavender gift bags, soap making and potpourri. Can be used as Lavender Drawer Sachet. Great as a gift too.
  • Quality-100% natural, not enhanced or adulterated. Premium Quality Lavender flowers and buds. Highly fragrant.
  • The Package contains- 1 Lavender bag only containing dried lavender flowers and buds.

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