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NoseBuddy Neti Pot with Stirring Spoon

Vendor: Divine Yoga Shop


This NoseBuddy Neti pot is excellent for cleansing your nasal passage. It helps with breathing and sinus related problems. Neti pot is a small plastic pitcher which is filled with salt water to cleanse your nasal passages. A sinus wash is recommended as part of your daily personal hygiene regimen.

The NoseBuddy Neti Pot is transparent, making it easy to see the water level. Light and durable, its ideal for use either at home or when travelling - made from light, durable PP plastic.

Cleansing your sinuses relieves symptoms associated with colds, flu, sinus infections, nasal dryness, allergies, and other sinus irritations. 



- 1 Neti Pot, holds 0.5L of solution

- Measuring spoon included

- Designed and created in Sweden by the Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School

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