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Meditation Buddha Black Bowl

Vendor: Ancient Wisdom


Used by Tibetan monks and modern practitioners alike. Known for centuries to assist in prayer, meditation and sound healing. 

Whether you follow the meditation practice from the Indian, Chinese, Tibetan or Japanese traditions, Singing Bowls bring in a divine sound that adds serenity and calmness to the mind. It gives a magical vibration that respond to the sound of the universal creation and inner consciousness. Can be used for Meditation or Music or as Space clearing tool in Feng Shui.  


Quick Info:

  • Tibetan Singing bowl
  • Size Small- D: 140 mm H: 80 mm, Weight: 1 kg approx
  • Size Medium- D: 150mm H: 90 mm, Weight: 1.5 kg approx
  • Size Large- D: 180mm H: 110 mm, Weight: 2 kgs approx

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