10mm Extra Thick Yoga Mat- Best for knees and joint

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Elevate your yoga practice with our premium Thick Yoga Mat! These mats come with double sided non-slip surfaces with excellent slip resistant advantages that helps to prevent injuries. Best used if comfort and cushioning is the main purpose. Also, a must-have for people who suffer from knee, back and joint problems. Boasting a generous 10 mm thickness, this mat provides unparalleled comfort and support for your joints and spine during every pose. Lightweight and easy to carry, this mat is perfect for home, studio, or outdoor use. Embrace tranquility and invest in your well-being with this luxurious Thick Yoga Mat. Elevate your practice – order now and experience the ultimate in yoga mat comfort!

These mats have exceptional resilience which allows to maintain balance during Yoga and Pilates. These mats are also easy to carry around they are lightweight compared to many other mats.

Quick Info:

  • 10 mm extra thick 
  • 182 cm long and 60 cm wide 
  • Weight 800 grams approx.

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