French Lavender- Authentic dried lavender flowers in colourful bags

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When you hear the word “lavender,” you might immediately think of a lighter shade of purple. But there’s more to this herb than its color. Lavender is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. There are also a number of studies highlighting the potential anti-fungal activity of Lavender.

Lavender is versatile and its uses range from helping you calm down and get a good night’s sleep to managing pain, anxiety, menstrual cramps and more. Place these Lavender bags under your pillow, in your handbag, luggage or wardrobe for a fresh aroma that comes with many health benefits. Just squeeze the bags to release the essential Lavender Oil and drift away in the calmness.


Quick Info:

  • Dried French Lavender 25 grams
  • Premium Quality deep blue dried Lavender Flowers
  • Handmade with a commitment to respect tradition and nature
  • Harvested by local farmers from the French Provence
  • Comes in Attractive Colorful bag
  • 100% Natural French Lavender, not enhanced or adulterated
  • Price displayed is for 1 COLOURFUL BAG ONLY 

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