Trust Yourself- Shouldn't it come naturally?

From: Khushboo Singh, Founder/ Director, Divine Yoga Shop

”A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking. It is because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings” -Anonymous

TRUST- A word with great radiance and positive influence. A word that can make or break an individual and his/her relationship with friends, family, siblings or spouse. A word that can even change a theist into an atheist. But what does it really mean to Trust and how did we come to misunderstand this beautiful word.
I remember as a child we were taught not to accept things offered by strangers, not to talk to strangers. It was ok to be friendly with people (strangers) but not to be friends with them. Perhaps our misunderstanding of the word TRUST stems from the hard-wiring of these childhood experiences? While it wasn’t wrong what was taught but perhaps the teaching on the chapter “Trust” wasn’t complete there.
As a grown up it is harder to trust people- We are scared we may be cheated, disappointed, conned, rejected or hopelessly let down….. We are scared of unknown situations, unknown places, unknown people. For some people it is not only hard but impossible to step out of their comfort zone- a zone they are familiar with. The hard-wiring of not trusting people from our childhood times display itself proudly there. The incomplete teaching on “Trust” stops us from fully experiencing this beautiful life with beautiful people…

From my experiences I have learned that Trust is always 2 sided, the same as Love. However even if the other person doesn’t trust us, it should not stop us from trusting them. “Easier said than done”........Please allow me to say that “it is easier both said and done”
Our TRUST in others is an extension of our TRUST IN OURSELVES. If I trust MYSELF, I automatically trust others knowing that no one and no situation can be bigger than MY capabilities of handling them. When we trust ourselves and our capabilities, we live in freedom. We are no longer slaves of our projections that other people may let us down or that hard situations may break us. We may not have full control on the outside world but we are fully in charge of our inner kingdom. The next time you are fearful of anything, bring your awareness to the fact that the fear is always of the future moment. Trust yourself and Live in the “Now” …..

The key is in trusting yourself and let unknown situations, people, places mesmerize you. Life is beautiful and sometimes a lot of beauty is manifested in the “Unknown”…… Trust yourself, it’s worth it.