The Lost Art of Forgiveness


I know you don’t see this world as an ideal place that is worthy of your Trust. You have been hurt in the past & you have a reason not to Trust anyone. That is logical.
However, the other side of the story is that there is not a single person on this planet who is not hurt, wounded or broken.
We are all going through our own struggles, including the people who hurt you in the past.
Each one of us have our own triggers & turbulence. But each one of us also have a corner of our heart where the potential of experiencing “Love“ resides.

This is the center of the Heart which can be re-activated to accept & receive Love.

Why Love? Why not any other emotion?
Because Love is the highest vibration. Love is the Source. It is Love that creates every other Emotion.

So how do you activate this center of the Heart so you can experience Love, receive & give Love?
It’s not a spiritual secret. It is known to you already. I will only re-affirm this.

This activation is possible through Forgiveness. Yes Forgiveness!

Is it easy? No! But is it possible? Yes!

Why do you want to Forgive those who hurt you in the past? The answer is because you can experience Love again. When you activate your Heart portal through Forgiveness, you unburden a part of you that is now free & open to receive Love (and many other Higher Vibrational Emotions like Success, Contentment & more).

You don’t have to believe in Reincarnation. But you can notice that in this lifetime you are experiencing the same patterns again & again- same difficulties reappear, you attract similar people who hurt you, you solve one problem & the next one appears, you make bigger plan & never see it becoming a possibility. Can you notice this “Repeating Patterns“ ?
There is also a pattern of Success After Success. Patterns are Energetic Expressions of our Inner Construct. I will share more on this in my next post.

When you clear the pathway that is currently blocked with the heaviness of anger, disgust, or even your nonchalance, you are unblocking the road for higher frequency of Love to enter your world.

Think about Love as a conscious person just like you & me. Will you visit someone’s house that is full of anger & negatives vibes? No! So how can “Love“ enter you if you have disgust, resentment & other lower vibrational energy patterns within you?

When you Forgive, you let go a part of you that judges people as good or bad. When you forgive, you also receive forgiveness from another being. You feel lighter, unburdened & a magnet that attracts all higher vibrations of Success, Love & Contentment. With this experience you also become a vessel of Love that you can share with others.

Heal your heart with the power of Forgiveness & receive the magic of Love. It’s a Win-Win for the entire planet. Whom will you forgive today?


Love + Divine Light


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