Yoga Is For Everyone: An Inspiring Interview With Yoga Teacher Alexander Cottle

Pain & Setbacks Could Be Your Greatest Teacher!

Alexander Cottle Yoga Teacher

Alex has been practising and teaching Yoga all over the world for the last couple of years and recently founded his own Yoga space in Dorset, UK.  He spends his free time exploring the best surfing spots in the UK and Portugal. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced Yogi, Alex is keen to meet you and help you on your path. Through his own journey he learned many tools to bring a more balanced equilibrium to the mind.

You may have heard about his TRIBE Retreats, or maybe you follow him on instagram, but we wanted to know more – about who he is as a teacher.

Divine Yoga Shop had the humble privilege of interviewing the promoter of "Yoga For Men" Alexander Cottle who shares his journey of discovering Yoga and Natural Living.

His divine vision is to inspire more men to say "Yes to Yoga" and see the real Wealth in the Yogic Health!

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Alexander Cottle Tribe

"My Journey sent me around the world seeking Teachers, Truth, Gifts and Knowledge. I found Yoga, Meditation, Love and Abundance again. I began to live a life based on Truth and no longer chose to live a life of Fear.

I arrived on this path because of a wound. A wound that became my biggest gift. 

In 2015 I was taken to Mount Sanai Hospital in New York with a suspected stroke. 

I was 27 years old. As I sat there looking up at the hospital roof I could not believe what was happening.


"How could this be.....I was so young!"


Over excess of work and imbalance in my system had caused me to reach this place.

I had chased the patriarchal dream....I had money, a beautiful partner and a successful career. 

Yet deep inside I had been dying for a long time.

I had become depressed and my mental state was unwell. 

Something had to change....ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH!"



DYS: How did you begin your Yoga journey?

Alexander: (sigh of relief) My Yoga journey began when I was working a highly demanding job in London. Excessive workload and long hours landed me to the point of Burn Out. The culmination of working too hard, I then realized what I was doing to my body and myself. Yes, I had a very successful career in London for many years but it came at a heavy price. I was not aligning with my highest path, nor listening to my mind, body and soul. Yoga Found me, should I say. It came to me exactly when I was starting to look for answers. The stillness, the awareness, the groundedness that it brought was life changing.


DYS:. How old were you when you first started showing interest in Natural lifestyle?

Alexander: I am now 33. I was 26 when I first became aware of change and how I wanted to take care of myself both inside and out.


DYS: How was your love for Yoga born?

Alexander: (smiles) Through Truth! Through realising that Yoga was giving me exactly what I needed. That it was for the first time in my life, aligning myself fully and bringing me back home- To the most centered and authentic version of myself. Once you start to realise this, it is hard to stray back into old patterns and ways.


DYS: Who are your teachers who inspire your Yogic Lifestyle?

Alexander: Osho inspires me greatly, and has influenced me, along with Ramana Maharshi and B.K.S Iyengar's approach. My own personal teacher who lives out here in Koh Phangan, Thailand has also played a huge part in my undertsanding of Yoga. His name is Swami Pujan- he has given me the gift of learning Advaita Vedanta. The Yoga of Knowledge! I am now studying the teachings in more depth and becoming aware of all the 8 limbs of Yoga.


DYS: Is a Vegan/ Vegetarian diet important for a Yoga lifestyle?

Alexander: For me, Yes! I have been vegetarian/vegan for around 5 years now. It has played an important part in my journey.


DYS: Any upcoming events/ Yoga sessions you are organizing where people can come and talk to you and understand more about your Yogic Lifestyle?

Alexander: Along with the personal 1:1 Transformational coaching, I also run retreats globally. Next year 2020 kicks off in Portugal with my 'TRIBE" retreat. It is a collectiveness, a coming together of beautiful souls, building human connection and enjoyment. As a species we have become so disconnected. Yoga is certainly very popular with women but the truth is.... Yoga is for EVERYONE! I offer the opportunity to reconnect and feel the energy of the collective group. It bring people from all walks of life together. The retreat will run from 8-12th June 2020. My partner, Daisy Sheldon​ and I (Plus very special guests) will be guiding you on a very beautiful heart based journey, connecting you again with your TRIBE. This little extravaganza is about human connection and will nourish your soul. We will provide you with delicious plant based food, Yoga, Breath-work, Meditation, Acro Yoga, Men's and Women Circles, Compassionate Sharing, Reiki, Massage, Surfing, Sound healing, Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance...... And most importantly your TRIBE! 


DYS: What is your daily motivation?

Alexander: To Grow, To Evolve and to Align my own consciousness to my healing. With this discovery, I help bring change to the world and give back to the physical realm where I exist in the physical body. I believe we can all make a difference to this planet.


DYS: The best way for people to contact you- Your website/ Social Media/ Email etc.

Alexander: The best way to find me is on my website.

The 'TRIBE' Retreat Portugal 8-12th June 2020

Instagram - alexander_cottle

Tribe Alexander Cottle

Yoga has been a long and sometimes challenging road for Alex. But he is determined to continue on for the rest of his life. He understands the spiritual, physical and emotional benefits of a committed practice. Alex is extremely empathetic and would like to think that through his own struggles and deep personal inquiry, he’s fully equipped to offer help to others and change people's lives for better.
Alexander Cottle
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