Charity should be self-sustaining. It should  be  empowering. 

We started Divine Yoga Shop because we believe in sharing the magic mantra of Yoga that has the ability to change lives and bring vibrancy to the world. Our aim is to bring color, health and happiness to everyone. There is tremendous power inside each one of us. When we are aware and awakened, the vibrancy and positive energy that is generated brings healing and happiness to our worlds.

Shopping can be a guilt-free pleasure; simply being more aware and informed about where products come from and how they are manufactured can help kick-start a more mindful, conscious and thoughtful shopping experience. 

We want to spread the real meaning of Yoga beyond Asanas and Poses. Yoga is a unity of Mind, Body and Soul and one of the ways we achieve this as a business is by promoting Fair Trade and Ethical manufacturing. You can be confident that every penny you spend in buying a treat for yourself at Divine Yoga Shop helps in empowering a less privileged individual. Most of our products are manufactured by small, family-run businesses in South East Asian countries. 

They have been doing this for generations. By buying from us you are supporting the livelihood of thousands of less-privileged individuals. Fair trade is exactly what it sounds like.

Not only this, we also donate 10p from each sale to Action on Hearing Charity in the UK.

Doing good has never been so easy!

Charity should be self-sustainable. It should  be  empowering. 

That is, it  should create more  wealth  rather than perpetuating the  cycle of poverty  and  dependence. Conscious  shopping helps in achieving exactly this.

Watch our video below to find out more. Conscious shopping is the way forward. We believe it is a more natural way of treating yourself and others around you. Without your help, this won’t be possible. Thank you.