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From: Khushboo Singh, Founder/ Director, Divine Yoga Shop

"Surrender"- A greatly misunderstood term. For most it is a sign of Weakness, Despair and Hopelessness. In the spiritual sense and truly in the sense of our conscious existence, "Surrender" means the opposite of all the above that we mentioned. In the true sense for a conscious being- the meaning of Surrender is "ACCEPTANCE" - I say this word in bold letters with a strong conviction drawing energies from my own past experiences. People often ask me if the path of Yoga & Spirituality that I have taken is a difficult one and I say with a sense of contentment- "that which comes natural cannot be difficult" 


I wandered far and wide, from place to place, from culture to culture in order to find my own "Tribe"- a place I can call my true "Home" and in the real sense, Home for me is far beyond the geographies of land, national borders and the natural inheritance of our birthplace. And while there are many corners where I found myself safely cocooned and at rest- that one place where my earthly existence melted into the expanse of the soothing nature was still on my search list. Nature, Greenness, Simplicity of earthly existence are my motivators of living in a Human Body while striving to achieve a higher purpose. 


relaxing at avedaRight from the beginning of our times we have been "Searching"- searching for a safer environment, searching for a fertile land, searching for a quenching water body around and to this date we have been searching. The only difference is that the search of a 21st century is slightly more refined from the eyes of a conditioned human being- Search for a highly paid job, search for a more luxurious living and search for a better life. And like many others I keep searching myself. The only difference being that my search is for Life Galore, search for a earthly space where I can do the things I like- Yoga, Meditation, Observing Nature, People and Enjoying simple organic vegetarian food.


Now let me unveil the surprise without further ado. I had "Surrendered" unconsciously to the fact that my search may lead me nowhere. And may be there is nowhere to go. Spiritual Gurus have claimed that our Paradise is right where we are. But somehow I could not come to terms with their findings. I wanted to find it for myself- Just like the Buddha taught. I thought I had left no stone unturned to find my Paradise -that place which I would truly call "Home". I was tired, mentally jaded and finally "Surrendered" -meaning that I "Accepted" that may be the universe has a better plan for me than my own trivial search that comes from the meanness of my own mind.  

 My search has finally come to an end........ It was at a recent trip to South India with my soulmate- the man I recently got married to that I finally found my "Home". This humble place with humble people with a very humble way of living- no wonder it made me surrender with humility only to find that the place I was looking for is right here. The universe had finally got my plan together and showed me with divinity that it is when we drop the stress and the sword that we ultimately win the battle- this battle that we fight with our own selves. This imaginary war that we create in our own minds by being judgemental, competitive,  comparing and egoistic.






I found my home here in Kumarakom- a small humble village in Kerala, South India. And to no surprise I found out that my partner too got the similar feeling of finally "Coming Home". The beautiful shades of green vegetation with coconut trees, mangroves and paddy fields enwrapped the relaxed and sleepy countryside. 


 Before I write about this magical place, I must say that the land owes the credit of its beauty to not just its geography and landscape but also to its people, its lifestyle and the naturally fresh air that encompasses its environment- the breath that keeps one alive. I was travelling with my partner without any agenda and really with a feeling of "Surrender" to the Universe only to realize that everything got entwined gracefully to give us a relaxing time and an ultimate bliss. Leaving behind the offerings of mainstream, high-end hotels, we decided to book this secret, less advertised and more inviting resort called- Aveda

The moment we entered its premises we knew immediately that there was something magical about this place. What can be more refreshing than being welcomed with smiling faces of the resort staff. We immediately felt like "Home". The warmth of the midday sun, the freshness in the air, the sight of a beautiful infinity pool dotted by the palm trees and the blooming sight of Hibiscus and Lily..... Can we ask for more when it all came with the smiling, welcoming and "ever-ready to serve" Staff members. The jewel to the crown was our beautiful cottage right next to the Kerala backwater body with direct access to fishing, swimming in the warm infinity pool, enjoying the sight of huge boathouses effortlessly paddling and slowly fading away from our peripheral sight. What a meditative experience! 

Kerala backwaters

Aveda genuinely boasts of the best staff members who are welcoming and caring to our needs. They made all efforts to make us feel like we were cared and looked after. The food at the restaurant was organic and was made with local produce. The ambience of the place was 2nd to none with the lovely sight of the sun-glazed shimmering water of the ever-inviting infinity pool. During the evening time the feeling of missing the warmth of the sunshine was gracefully replaced with the coolness of the moonlight under which the locals displayed their talent with a music and dance performance. What a perfect way to enjoy nature with the hospitality of the people around!

As grand it may look from the outer eyes, it is extremely warm and intimate when one sees from the inner conscious eyes. The space is full of positive energies and no matter which corner one looks at, they find perfection and luxury with a strong sense of grounding. There is a flattering balance of uncanny aesthetics with a divine respect to Mother Nature. We speak highly of this place not just because we found Home here but also because of the humbling opportunity we received to meet its very down-to earth owners. An epitome of success and with a blend of welcoming personality Mr & Mrs Chawla live by the principles of a sanskrit phrase "Vasudev Kutumbakam" which loosely translates into English as "the world is one family". 


The understanding of "Acceptance" is not of doing nothing at all. It does not mean to become loose and lazy. One has to follow the call of the "Doing" while at the same time not being fanatically attached to the results of the endeavour. When we TRUST the Universe, we allow ourselves to experience something greater than our own plans. 

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