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Eco Jewelleries- Beautiful Planet, Beautiful You!

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The present era is going through a continuous changing process, the phases and terms of human life are changing at the speed of light. To this very day one can only imagine what is waiting for him in the next 20 years. A perfect example of this is the use of Eco jewellery. Crafts and jewellery has been a long cherished hobby or desired collectible to both men and women. This trend was present in the stone edge also. Back then, the cave people, after the invention of fire, came to know that they can use the resources of nature and shape them into anything they want. They used tree leaves, animal skin as clothing. But they also used some by-products and natural stuffs like rice, seeds, beads, kernels etc. to make small jewelleries and they were really very fond of those. They believed it enhanced their inner beauty.

This ancient trend in jewellery has again found its way back in to the modern fashion industry and lifestyle. These Eco jewelleries are mainly produced using rice, kernels, seeds, wood, beads etc. It may sound silly or lavish, but the produced jewelleries are as glamorous as metal or stone based ones. The eco jewelleries are very environment friendly. The substances are found in the nature, no need to cut trees or destroy forests for it! They are hand crafted so there is absolutely no use of industrial machinery or hydrocarbon fuel. In a lot of region, where these Eco jewelleries are originated, people use these natural elements and special kind of sap from the barks of trees to make these gorgeous ornaments. 

One of the most significant side of this is its contribution to a country’s economy. Mainly in the African region, in the rural parts of the country, this is considered as one of the main earning sources. The resources are unlimited and women in these regions have always been good with handmade crafts. It takes less effort and time to produce a large scale of products by a group of people. The local dealers collect the products and sell it to the wholesalers, who gains profit by both internal retail sales, as well as exporting them over different parts of the world.

The growing fashion industry is seeking out designers to design new eco jewelleries. These exotic products are a great thing to gift and a great item to collect also. It’s bringing people from different lifestyle and custom close to each other. A kernel nose pin made by an African women is shining in the nostrils of a European woman, which is how the boundaries are decreasing. A great source for employment is just the cherry on top of the pie. And the environment? Well let’s just say if you haven’t contributed much to save the planet, start wearing or collecting these jewelleries and pride yourself in contributing to a good cause starting today!


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